We are experts in:

Commercial Law

Advice and assistance in all legal areas that your business activity requires

International Business Law

Specialized in international business development.

Civil law

Specialized in providing comprehensive legal assistance in all civil matters.

Family and inheritance law

Advice on all matters related to parent-child relationships.

Criminal law

Specialists in client defense in any type of criminal process. Both accusation and defense.

Advice to Companies in a Situation of Insolvency

Advice legal to the company or self-employed businessman in a situation of insolvency

Extrajudicial Recovery of Non-Payments

Solution of non-payments of inter-company credits through claims extrajudicial

Judicial Claim for Unpaid Credits

Feasibility analysis of the judicial actions necessary for the recovery of the debt.

Honorarios profesionales

Professional fees

For each matter that a client is going to entrust to us, we will prepare an ad hoc written estimate of the legal services requested.

The modalities for applying fees vary substantially depending on the type of procedure and typology of the matter.

Commercial Law

We advise national and international companies, in all specialties of Commercial Law.

Our team of lawyers assists our clients in all the legal areas that their business activity requires, whether it is business advice itself or corporate operations.

Specifically, the practice areas of the Commercial and Corporate Department include:

  • Strategic planning and incorporation of companies.
  • Legal review process related to company acquisitions (“Due Diligence”).
  • Mergers, spin-offs, capital increases and decreases, corporate restructuring.
  • Joint Ventures and other types of national and/or international groupings
  • Company secretariat and permanent legal advice to the Board of Directors.
  • Family business succession planning.
  • Commercial contracting: distribution, representation, agency and franchise contracts.
  • Exploitation licenses, supplies and outsourcing contracts.
  • European and competition law; prevention of unfair competition.
  • Regulation of the financial system, banks, insurance and transportation.
  • Data Protection

International Business Law

Our firm has professionals specialized in international business development and, therefore, offers its local clients the possibility of opening businesses abroad by exporting their products and services. Likewise, he advises his foreign clients who wish to start a business activity in Spain.

We have an international network of offices with which we collaborate very actively and which allows us to be the official interlocutor between our clients and the foreign lawyer, and to carry out exhaustive follow-up of the matter without language being an impediment.

More precisely, our services include:

  • Legal advice for the internationalization of the products and services of our clients abroad.
  • Legal advice to foreign clients for establishing their business in Spain. Specifically, we study what type of company would suit you according to your activity.
  • Assistance for the constitution of new companies, subsidiaries, branches, delegations or agencies in the corresponding territory.
  • Assistance with the application and processing of financing, aid and subsidies.
  • Legal advice and monitoring of all the necessary actions for opening the business in Spain or abroad.
  • Investment analysis, feasibility studies, feasibility plans, cost analysis of the business in question.
  • Management of business projects.
  • Search for external financing through “Business Angels” or institutional participatory loans.

Civil law

Our team of lawyers is specialized in providing comprehensive legal assistance in all civil matters. In particular, this department covers the following areas:

  • General contracting.
  • Civil, contractual (breach of contracts) and extra-contractual (accidents) liability.
  • Communities of Owners.
  • Leases.
  • Exploitation and construction rights over real estate: easements, usufruct, right of flight, etc.
  • Guarantees and preferential acquisition in the real estate field.
  • Constitution, management and administration of all types of communities of property.
  • Division and liquidation of personal and corporate assets.
  • Defense of consumers and users.
  • Marital status and its record and registration defense.

Family and inheritance law

Our team of lawyers advises on all matters related to parent-child relationships, such as the resolution of family conflicts arising as a result of the breakup of the marriage or de facto partnership through the negotiation and drafting of the regulatory agreement, if applicable.

Regarding the capacity of people, our legal service includes legal assistance in incapacitation procedures and appointment of guardian.

In matters of inheritance, our lawyers advise on inheritance planning, both legally and fiscally, and on the procedures inherent to an already caused succession. And if necessary, they also intervene in the resolution of conflicts between the heirs.

In particular, they include the following:

  • Separations and divorces. Regulation of contentious parent-child relationships.
  • Execution of separation, divorce and regulation of parent-child measures.
  • Modification of measures established in separation and/or divorce procedures.
  • Negotiation and drafting of regulatory agreements.
  • Liquidation of matrimonial regimes.
  • Paternity challenge.
  • Right of persons, filiation and guardianship.
  • Declaration of incapacity and appointment of guardian.
  • Succession and inheritance planning.
  • Inheritance tax planning.
  • Advice on drafting wills and inheritance agreements.
  • Declarations of intestate heirs.
  • Claims of hereditary and/or legitimatory rights.
  • Challenge of wills and testamentary dispositions.
  • Protocolization of holographic wills, codicils and testamentary memories.
  • Hereditary partitions.
  • Claim of fourth falcide.
  • Inheritance rights in de facto couples.
  • Inheritances of residents and non-residents.
  • Settlement of inheritance and gift tax.

Criminal Department

Brachfield & Asociados Abogados has among its professionals specialists in the defense of clients in any type of criminal process, both as accusations and defense, with significant specialization in Economic Criminal Law matters.

Likewise, it has a Corporate Criminal Department, thus offering continuous corporate criminal advice to the company, covering all its needs, both in matters where it has been harmed by a criminal act in which it is advisable to appear, as well as private prosecution in in order to defend the interests of the company and claim damages suffered, such as in matters where it has been accused, or, where applicable, its board of directors, management or social administration.

Likewise, Brachfield & Asociados Abogados offers its clients the possibility of having preventive criminal advice within the framework of their company. This means having the opportunity to establish an action protocol with the purpose of neutralizing possible criminal risks inherent to the company’s activity through the implementation of the so-called “Compliance Program”, that is, the Crime Prevention Plan, the content of which is The objective is to provide the company with the maximum possible legal security given the criminal liability of legal entities currently in force in the Spanish legal system.

Specifically, the practice areas of the Criminal Law Department include the following:

  • General criminal advice and defense in any criminal process, such as:
  • Crimes against people: injuries, homicide, murder, etc.
  • Crimes of gender violence and domestic violence.
  • Crimes against honor: insults and slander.
  • Crimes against sexual freedom: sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, etc.
  • Crimes against freedom: illegal detention, kidnapping, threats, coercion, torture and against moral integrity.
  • Crimes against family rights and duties: family abandonment, non-payment of pensions, child abduction, etc.
  • Crimes against privacy: discovery and disclosure of secrets, breaking and entering.
  • Crimes against property: robbery, theft, reception, damage, fraud, etc.
  • Economic crimes: fraud, misappropriation, falsehoods, corporate crimes, money laundering, punishable insolvency, etc.
  • Crimes against public health: drug trafficking.
  • Traffic crimes: alcohol testing, speeding, driving without a license, disobedience to authority, reckless driving and failure to provide assistance.
  • Delitos contra la Hacienda Pública: delito fiscal.
  • Crimes against social security and against workers’ rights.
  • Crimes against intellectual and industrial property.
  • Crimes against the environment and urban planning.
  • Administrative crimes: bribery, prevarication, urban planning, influence peddling, embezzlement, fraud, prohibited negotiations, corruption and infidelity in custody of documents.
  • Crimes against the administration of justice: prevarication, concealment, false accusations and complaints, simulation of crimes, false testimony, obstruction of justice, professional disloyalty, breach of sentence.
  • Crimes against public order: attacks against authority, resistance and disobedience, possession, trafficking and storage of weapons.
  • Other areas of specialty in which we provide advice on criminal matters:
  • Criminal defense in macro criminal proceedings with a multitude of injured parties
  • Reports and opinions in any area of Criminal Law
  • Traffic accidents and civil liability
  • Minor Criminal Law
  • Penitentiary Law (Grade Classifications, Exit Permits, Sanctions, Conditional Release)
  • International Criminal Law (International prison law, Extradition, European Arrest and Surrender Warrant)
  • Advice on Corporate Criminal Law (preventive advice and procedural defense on issues of criminal liability of the company itself, members of the board of directors, managers and administrators) and the preparation of the Compliance Program.

Legal advice to the company in a situation of insolvency

Legal advice to the company or self-employed businessman in a situation of insolvency for the filing of bankruptcy proceedings.

Cancelación de deudas por ley para particulares y autónomos mediante el mecanismo de segunda oportunidad.

Extrajudicial recovery of defaults

Our firm offers a new way to resolve non-payments of inter-company credits through extrajudicial claims for unpaid invoices, using a team of highly qualified professionals, under the direction of one of the best specialists in the recovery of unpaid debts in Spain.

Our firm considers personal and personalized negotiation with the debtor the best way to reach a payment agreement and is supported by a psychological negotiation methodology, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) techniques, non-aggressive interpersonal communication and neurocollection procedures.

Judicial claim for unpaid credits

When friendly collection actions have been exhausted and payment requirements and extrajudicial negotiations have had no effect, judicial recourse remains to be considered.

Our office can begin the feasibility analysis of the judicial actions necessary for the recovery of the debt under the most favorable conditions for the client. For this reason, it will recommend in pertinent cases the judicial route that may end in the following judicial procedures:

  • Civil proceedings: ordinary trials, verbal trials
  • Special trials: monitoring processes
  • Actions to claim individual liability from the directors of insolvent companies.
  • Actions against the administrators of companies that have disappeared or closed irregularly (business lock)
  • Actions in the field of economic and business criminal law
  • Comprehensive legal, economic and financial advice in bankruptcy law to parties that may be affected by insolvency cases